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Sam’s Chop Shop was born out of community needs and desires. I (YourBarberSam) was working at a different local shop. I️ was consistently begged for appointments as well as straight razor neck shaves. I️ sadly had my hands tied.

So after a few years, I took the leap of faith and decided to cover every request that had been asked of me that I️ for whatever reason couldn’t fulfill. Sam’s Chop Shop was born. If you are wondering about the name Sam’s Chop Shop, it was a group effort. I️ wanted to play on my car audio past and barber future. I love cars the smell of exhaust, the feel of soft leather, the excitement of car shows.

Barbershops are a lot like car shows. You walk in and you feel connected to a circle of people that get it. The sounds of people talking about the events that happened, the smell of aftershaves and of course the barber’s chair! That big shiny leather wrapped beast! I was at a friends house one day and we were talking about the idea of a new shop and what I️ should name it.

We went back and forth with a couple good ones when she was on the phone with her mom and that is when Sam’s Chop Shop was born!